“I will not be able to attend #AzimioLaUmoja” – Musalia Mudavadi

ANC Party Leader and Member of the OKA coalition has this afternoon announced that he will be able to attend Raila Odinga’s #AzimioLaUmoja which will be held at Moi International Stadium, Kasarani following personal engagements.

Raila and Musalia have had a bitter sweet political relationship and he was once his running mate and they later fell out politically, but on the group seem like things are going on well.

The ANC party lesder took to twitter to announce that he Raila Odinga invited him as ANC Party Leader and not OKA Principal, and that the event has coincided with his personal engagements.

Here is the tweet:

“I have just received an official invitation to Azimio la Umoja Convention. As noted herein, the invitation was addressed in my personal capacity as ANC Party Leader and not OKA Principal. Regrettably, I will not be able to attend because of personal engagements. Raila Odinga is a worthy competitor, I wish him well because tomorrow will clearly be his day in the sun.”

He is the first leader to announce his absence and by the look of things, it seems like they are no longer political friends