CCTV footage showing Ndichu GBV released

Early this month, Eddie and his twin brother Paul ndichu were involved in a drama at Ole Sereni hotel along Mombasa Road. The two ladies who are also Senior Counsel Phillip Murgor’s nieces, went on a National Television accompanied by their lawyer, and narrated the drama.

The two sisters claimed that Ndichu twins were assaulting them. In a statement, through their company Wapi Pay, the twins said that they got into the altercations as they were trying to nuetralise the fight between two women, and that they have reported the matter to the police and investigations were underway.

A day later, after the Statement was released, the twins succumbed to pressure and stepped aside and Wapi Pay directors as KOT were on their neck if a leaked video was to go by. In the video, Paul, one of the twin was seen damaging a side mirror which was allegedly belonging to one if the girls, he later went and slapped one of the ladies who was also in an altercation with his twin, Eddie.

A new footage was last night released by Citizen TV showing the exact event. In the footage, Paul is seen approaching one of the Murgor sisters and by the look of things, she didn’t like what she was told, immediately an altercation begins, which lead to more fights between the Ndichus and one of the Murgor sisters, later on one of the twins is seen separating the girls that were fighting as the other is seen vandalizing a side mirror.

Watch the full video here