Janet Mbugua’s husband trending for allegedly assaulting a lady at a Hotel

Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu and Grace Msalame’s baby daddy Paul Ndichu are trending for the wrong reasons.

Boniface Mwangi, received a direct message alleging that the twins assaulted  two sisters at popular Ole Sereni.

“Yesterday my sister and I were attacked by the Ndichu twins for respectfully turning them down. They threatened to shoot us and ruin our lives. My sister was strangled by Paul Ndichu while her boyfriend who had come to her rescue was being strangled by Eddie.”

The lady alleged that one of them strangled her sister’s boyfriend while the other strangled her sister. She says that the attack, coming hot in the heels of rising cases of gender-based violence, left them in fear as she wondered what would have befallen her sister had she been alone.